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25 October 2012 @ 10:10 pm

I'm having a hard time getting source fom a dvd - I can't seem to break the CSS with the freeware I've used in the past. However, what I'm wondering is, is it possible to vid from a digital version of the film, that sometimes comes with a dvd/blu-ray/digital combo set? Or is that digital copy even more protected?

Any advice would be grand. Thank you!
27 September 2012 @ 09:26 am
I had this problem before - twice and I still have no clue why it happened and how to solve it. Both times it went away after playing around a LOT (installing/de-installing codecs, players etc playing with the settings) and I still don't know how I did it. After two hours of trying to solve the problem I have now given up and I really need your help.

Out of the blue for no apparent reason I can't play any 720p files (mp4 and mkv) but I don't know what happened, now suddenly I'm having a problem playing those same files. No matter which player I use, the video lags behind the audio or, in the case of vlc the video constantly freezes for a second or two. I can't work on my current video using Sony Movie Studios HD because the preview has the same problem.

Any idea what might have caused this or how to solve it?

Please help =(
13 September 2012 @ 08:16 pm
   So, once upon a time I used to fanvid. I'd kind of like to get back into it, but I have run into a problem: I can't seem to find a good Windows Movie Maker substitute. Y'see, for all its flaws, the old WMM had one thing that made it easy to use. It had that awesome video library thing where you could import a large video file (like an episode of a tv show) and it would automatically split that down into clips that were a few minutes long, which it would then put into an appropriately folder in the general (not project-specific!) media library. So you could jump from episode to episode, and project to project, pulling whatever clips you needed.

   Anyway, that feature seems to have ruined me for other programs, because I fell in love with it and sank into video editor laziness and now expect to be able to find other programs that do the same. So far I have tried PowerDirector (which does automatically create clips, but its clip-detector is way too sensitive and splits the average tv show into more clips than it will allow you to import) and Sony Vegas 10, which seems to lack any feature of this kind. So my questions are as follows:

   1) Is there any video editing program that has a feature comparable to the one in Movie Maker?
   2) Am I overlooking a solution to the problem with either of the two programs I mentioned above?

   Any help would really be welcome - I've been all over the internet looking for advice or tutorials and come up with nothing.

   Just a quick update - I'm in the process of trying some of the programs mentioned. Thank you all for your help!
18 August 2012 @ 03:29 pm
I've been trying to encode vids for online release, but I'm having problems with AutoGK. When I put my avi file from Sony Vegas Pro 11 into AutoGK, it changes the aspect ratio. I've tried NTSC and PAL in DV and DV Widescreen renders, but the file I make in AutoGK always comes out wonky.

images of my failureCollapse )

I'm sure it's something simple that I've messed up. Anyone know what huge mistake I've made?
I just posted detailed instructions on a new-to-me source acquisition method that beats DVD ripping hands down. Hope you find it helpful!
29 April 2012 @ 10:51 pm
hey guys, so i have been using Sony Vegas 10 for a couple months now, before i used Sony Vegas 8, which worked perfectly, & i didn't want to upgrade, but i was forced to, since Vegas 8 crapped out on me, so for the last couple months i have been having problems rendering my videos. Well after they render i suppose, i render in 720p HD just FYI. After i finish rendering a video & i preview it in windows media player. it has glitches in it, when it didn't have them while i was making the video, i re render it, & there are still glitches but in a different part of the video this time, so i no it's not the clips I'm using. So does anyone have a fix, cause i have to render in 360p import it into Sony Vegas 8 and render it in HD there, & that lessens the quality, & it's time consuming.

On a side note, when i'm working on a video for a bit in Sony Vegas 10, the clips start going black or pixel-ated on me, & glitchy, i can fix it by closing SV 10 and reopening, but it's annoying, so does anyone know what's up with that.

In case you need to know i use the following setting to render;

template; HDV 720-30p (1280x720, 29.970 fps)
width/height; 1280/720
field order; none (progressive scan)
output rotation; 0% (Original)
frame rate; 29,970fps
stereoscopic 3D mode; off
pixel format; 8 bit
full-resolution rendering quality; best
motion blur type; guassian
deinterlace method; blend fields

file format; Windows Media Video V11 (*.wmv)
template; 6 Mbps HD 720-30p Video

mode; quality vbr
format; Windows Media Video 9
image size; High Definition (1280x720)
pixel aspect ratio; 1.000 square
frame rate; 29,970 fps
seconds per frame; 3
quality; 100%

& video rendering quality; best

Ok i hope all that helps with helping me.

P.S My operating software is Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Hi all--I'm hoping someone might be able to guide me in the right direction to resolve this problem. I want to make a vid with a piece of music that is only available in live performance. The live performance that I want to use includes someone coughing at a couple of inopportune times; I really want those coughs out of there. I'm editing on a mac with Final Cut Pro, but I'm assuming I'd need other software to resolve this (though I'd love it if this turns out to be something I could resolve on FCP). Anyone have any advice or wisdom about how to remove the offending coughs?

Thank you in advance! I could provide links and timecodes to the performance and coughs if that's helpful...

I've got a vid in which I would like to include some images from comics (as well as footage from avi and mp4 files). I have said comics in pdf and cbr formats.

So, I was wondering if there was a way to get and image from a pdf file into a format usable in Final Cut? I sort of assume that it would be necessary to turn it into a jpg or other such image file first.

Is there a program that converts a pdf (or part of one) to jpg? Has anyone tried to intergrate comics into a vid before? And if so how?

Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks!
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21 January 2012 @ 11:52 am
Hi fellow vidders,

The last time I purchased a laptop, it had a 40GB hard drive (I kid you not), so I'm a little behind the times. Due to my money limitations, it seems I have two main choices in stores at the moment, though I can still look further.

There's a snazzy looking Toshiba Satellite L750D/038, which is AMD quadcore A8-3500M, with 8GB RAM and 1GB AMD graphics. (It's only in my price range for another day due to sales on right now)

Then there are a variety of laptops that run on Intel i5 for around the same price range (i7 is mostly out of my price range at this time, but my current PC runs on i7 and otherwise has similar specifications to the above laptop and it vids reasonably).

So my question is, does anyone have any idea whether the above-mentioned AMD quadcore would be able to handle basic video editing (I use Sony Vegas 7 on my PC) and rendering?

I've read several sites that seem to indicate AMD handles computer gaming better, but would be slower than Intel i5 for things such as video rendering, which seems more pertinent in this instance.

If you have an opinion or happen to vid on the above-mentioned laptop or one with similar specifications, could you please chip in and let me know? I'm not sure whether to go for the sale item this weekend or leave it and keep looking for a better priced laptop with an intel chip.

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I've been wondering for a long while how to achieve the sort of "collapsing, animated overlay with borders" that is seen throughout this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW36s-7LtTM

I do know that the creator of the vid uses Vegas (from what's posted on her website) but I don't know if she is using Vegas Pro or one of the other applications.

It's been driving me mental and if anyone has any good ideas on how it was accomplished I would love to know. Thanks!