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Converting .vobs for Premiere

I'm looking for software that will either convert .vob files into something readable by Adobe Premiere Pro, or go straight from DVD to something Premiere-friendly.

I have DVD Decrypter to rip DVDs as .vobs, but Premiere doesn't read that format.

I also have software called AnyDVD that strips permissions off DVDs when you pop them in the drive, so they can be converted directly to different formats.

I've made half a dozen vids over the past year and have reached a point where the process I've been using just doesn't cut it anymore. I use an ancient program called DVD2AVI that does what it says on the box -- rips DVDs as .avis. The trouble is that the files it creates are (a) 4:3 when the source is 16:9 (and there doesn't seem to be a menu option to force-correct this), (b) interlaced, and (c) a choice of ridiculously uncompressed (~1 TB per TV episode) or compressed with Indeo. All of which give me headaches when I work with them in Premiere, and which make the final vids look crappy.

I've been doing it this way because it's the only way I've been able to get anything to work. My computer has made things extra-special fun by not wanting to run MPEG Streamclip; the machine crashes whenever I try to clip or convert. VirtualDubMod won't open at all. I've been able to run VirtualDub, but it needs AviSynth as a go-between and I'm still trying to figure out how that works.

Any suggestions? I'm about ready to tear my hair out, here.

ETA: Solved in comments! DVD Decrypter --> DGIndex --> Premiere (using the avs plugin) with much consulting of the AMV guide. Thank you so much.
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