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Sony Vegas 9 Voiceover Issues

I'm am having serious audio problems. I've tried rendering my vid a crazy amount of times, trying different formats such as .WMV and .MP4 as well as different qualities. But no matter what I try, the voiceovers simply do not work after I've rendered. The only thing that works is the video and the song I put along with the vid. However, the voice overs work perfectly fine when I preview my vid in Sony Vegas. Sometimes when I rendered it one voice over would work, the other ones mute.
Please, can anybody tell me the issue and offer a solution? Do the voiceovers need to be on the same audio track or seperate ones? How should I adjust the volume? Should I pan them to left or right? Does the arrangement of tracks matter? I never had any of these issues in Vegas Movie Studio. It is seriously frustrating.
Tags: sony vegas, troubleshooting
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