Eli Williams (tw_31988) wrote in vidding_tech,
Eli Williams

Jumpy Render in Vegas

Hi! I'll really appreciate your help.

When I render my video to mpeg in Sony Vegas is always jumpy in some place and it's not like that in the preview, any idea why? I've noticed it usually happens when there are fast movements like somebody running or in a fight.

Here's my vid: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FUO44AG2ZmM

Chcek out around 2.03. That's what i mean.

Some help would be appreciated cause it's so annoying. I'm using Vegas 6 btw. (I know i have to change but i lost the mpeg codec for vegas 8)

I read somewhere that if i reduced the frame rate it could solve my problem, i tried that but it was less jumpy in some places but it there was no major change and also the video quality dicreases which i sorta hate.
Tags: sony vegas

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