October 31st, 2013

NT - Crowley wicked squint (SPN)

Sony Vegas versions.

I've been using Sony Vegas 7 (which I believe is a much earlier 'Pro' version), but I am looking to buy a version for my personal use. I have a friend visiting America this week who is happy to purchase me a copy of the software while there. The prices here are prohibitive here in Australia.

I mostly make fan vids or play with silly footage of my friends etc. Nothing professional.

If I buy Imagination Studio 4 (which contains Movie Studio Platinum 12 as the main editing software), will I likely be missing out on features I'm used to using in Sony Vegas 7?

In particular, are you at all limited to a certain number of tracks with Imagination Studio 4 or can you use an unlimited number of tracks? I seem to remember this being pointed out as a big difference between the pro and other versions of Vegas back in the day.

Any help hugely appreciated. The website isn't all that helpful.
Thank you!!!
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