September 27th, 2012

time and space

Sudden Problem Playing H.264/AVC files

I had this problem before - twice and I still have no clue why it happened and how to solve it. Both times it went away after playing around a LOT (installing/de-installing codecs, players etc playing with the settings) and I still don't know how I did it. After two hours of trying to solve the problem I have now given up and I really need your help.

Out of the blue for no apparent reason I can't play any 720p files (mp4 and mkv) but I don't know what happened, now suddenly I'm having a problem playing those same files. No matter which player I use, the video lags behind the audio or, in the case of vlc the video constantly freezes for a second or two. I can't work on my current video using Sony Movie Studios HD because the preview has the same problem.

Any idea what might have caused this or how to solve it?

Please help =(