April 29th, 2012



hey guys, so i have been using Sony Vegas 10 for a couple months now, before i used Sony Vegas 8, which worked perfectly, & i didn't want to upgrade, but i was forced to, since Vegas 8 crapped out on me, so for the last couple months i have been having problems rendering my videos. Well after they render i suppose, i render in 720p HD just FYI. After i finish rendering a video & i preview it in windows media player. it has glitches in it, when it didn't have them while i was making the video, i re render it, & there are still glitches but in a different part of the video this time, so i no it's not the clips I'm using. So does anyone have a fix, cause i have to render in 360p import it into Sony Vegas 8 and render it in HD there, & that lessens the quality, & it's time consuming.

On a side note, when i'm working on a video for a bit in Sony Vegas 10, the clips start going black or pixel-ated on me, & glitchy, i can fix it by closing SV 10 and reopening, but it's annoying, so does anyone know what's up with that.

In case you need to know i use the following setting to render;

template; HDV 720-30p (1280x720, 29.970 fps)
width/height; 1280/720
field order; none (progressive scan)
output rotation; 0% (Original)
frame rate; 29,970fps
stereoscopic 3D mode; off
pixel format; 8 bit
full-resolution rendering quality; best
motion blur type; guassian
deinterlace method; blend fields

file format; Windows Media Video V11 (*.wmv)
template; 6 Mbps HD 720-30p Video

mode; quality vbr
format; Windows Media Video 9
image size; High Definition (1280x720)
pixel aspect ratio; 1.000 square
frame rate; 29,970 fps
seconds per frame; 3
quality; 100%

& video rendering quality; best

Ok i hope all that helps with helping me.

P.S My operating software is Windows 7 home premium 64 bit