January 21st, 2012

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Vidding on a laptop

Hi fellow vidders,

The last time I purchased a laptop, it had a 40GB hard drive (I kid you not), so I'm a little behind the times. Due to my money limitations, it seems I have two main choices in stores at the moment, though I can still look further.

There's a snazzy looking Toshiba Satellite L750D/038, which is AMD quadcore A8-3500M, with 8GB RAM and 1GB AMD graphics. (It's only in my price range for another day due to sales on right now)

Then there are a variety of laptops that run on Intel i5 for around the same price range (i7 is mostly out of my price range at this time, but my current PC runs on i7 and otherwise has similar specifications to the above laptop and it vids reasonably).

So my question is, does anyone have any idea whether the above-mentioned AMD quadcore would be able to handle basic video editing (I use Sony Vegas 7 on my PC) and rendering?

I've read several sites that seem to indicate AMD handles computer gaming better, but would be slower than Intel i5 for things such as video rendering, which seems more pertinent in this instance.

If you have an opinion or happen to vid on the above-mentioned laptop or one with similar specifications, could you please chip in and let me know? I'm not sure whether to go for the sale item this weekend or leave it and keep looking for a better priced laptop with an intel chip.

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