November 6th, 2011

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Converting mkvs to avis (Sony Vegas)

Hi there,

I think I must have read through every single post in this community about converting mkv files to avis, but so far none of the suggested programs seem to have worked for me and honestly, I'm this close to giving up entirely. I hope someone may help me because if not, I don't even know where to keep digging for answers.

Here goes. I have an mkv file that I desperately need to convert to avi so I can use it in SonyVegas. As far as I understand it the main trouble with mkvs is that it's a container using the H.264 codec and SonyVegas can't read that one. So I need to convert the file only every time I try to do that, the file either can't be read at all or it is very, very glitchy. (I assume that either the converted files are still using the H.264 codec or the frame loss is mucking up my SonyVegas but that's really just my best guess. I'm using Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0.)

Here's what I tried so far - with bonus screencaps! Collapse )

Unfortunately, my original source is only available as mkvs so far. Is it possible that the programs are being wonky because the mkvs are TV rips? Is there something, anything, I could do to get them to use a different codec or get rid of the codec all together? I've seen fanvids made for this show before, so I assume that there is a way to work around the H.264 issue I just...don't know how.

Do you guys have any suggestions or links? Thank you so much in advance.

EDIT: okay, apparently SonyVegas does read H.264 so I figure there is another codec problem? Or...something? Forgive me, I'm new to this, and I promise I'm trying my best to get vidding-savvy but it's really tricky for me.