September 2nd, 2011


Workaround for netbook vidding?

Hello! A while back I swear I saw a post (sorry, I cannot remember where)--or maybe it was just a conversation in comments somewhere--about a workaround for the too-small screen resolution problem that prevents one from running certain video editing software on a netbook. Does anyone know anything about what I'm talking about? I did not bookmark it anywhere because it was not relevant to my existence, but now I wish I had the link because a friend of mine could use the info.

I seem to recall it was something about a minor hack that would trick something (the netbook? the vidding software?) into believing that the something (the monitor? the video card?) was adequate to the task of vidding. IDEK, except apparently this is an issue with netbooks.

My friend would be trying to run Premiere 6.5, btw, if that makes a difference? (But I'd be interested in netbook workarounds used with other vidding software, as well, in case we could extrapolate a solution from that info.)

Does anyone have any tips or advice to make it possible to vid on a netbook? Thanks for sharing!

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ETA: And found, thanks to [personal profile] par_avion. [personal profile] grey_bard was the original poster with the scoop here.