May 13th, 2011

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Windows Movie Make Publishing Question

I usually put all clips I'll want to later use onto DVD-Rs. Last night I imported the clips from the DVD-R onto my computer. Then, I put them into Windows Movie Maker. I made a little video and went to save it, but the project froze at 2% and the remaining time went up and up. I tried to update my codecs (divx, ffdshow), but that didn't work. I ended up having to save it as a huge file.

Any idea why WMM is freezing up, just on videos made from clips imported from DVD-Rs? (Clips I've imported and used before.)
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ut video, zarx264gui, rendering, compression

This was easily fixed by not using MP3 as my audio source. In fact I just rendered my original AVI with the audio included, inputted my .avs into zarx gui (minus the kill audio line) and it was able to encode in such a way that was compatible with Quicktime. Easy fix for a headache of a problem.

It was recently brought to my attention, by a mac user, that my latest video would not play in quicktime. I went to the forums for help.

A few things:
- This is my first time using ut video codecs when rendering, and my first time using zarx264gui to compress.
- I vid in Sony Vegas 10.0
- My source material was comprised up of both mpg and avi files.
- I originally used the ut yuv422 uly2 codec to render the AVI [Did not choose this for any particular reason.]
- I could not get my site to embed the original vid (jwplayer) without distortion.
- Both Vimeo and Tumblr are able to convert the vid and have it play without distortion, youtube however, could not convert the vid without distortion.
- Based on suggestions from the forum, I later tried rendering in ut video yuv420 and huffyuv and compressing again with zarx (setting level to: unrestricted, 4.1 and 3.0) and none of these played.
- I am able to compress the video as an .avi in virtaldubmod and have it play in QT.
- Here is the file itself, in case that helps:

While Vdub works, I find the end result with zarx to be clearer and pretty gorgeous. I'd really like to figure out how to get this to work so that it's compatible with quicktime. I realize most people use other methods for viewing their vids, and this seems to work in all of them except quicktime.

There is more detail here where the thread is continuing:

I'm also going to crosspost this to see if the folks over at vidding may know anything.