March 26th, 2011

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Computer Advice

I'm thinking of buying a new computer when my tax return money comes in but I don't know a lot about computers. The last time I bought one, I made a few rookie mistakes. It was the first time buying a computer and I bought it for the sale, mostly, ordered online, and ended up with a bulky desktop replacement with a crappy graphics display. I learned to live with it, which was easy because I loved just about everything else about it, but the fact is it wasn't what I wanted.

I want to go for a smaller model this time (14 instead of 17), without sacrificing speed and graphics, which are the two most important things for me, especially because my laptop will double as a TV screen. Hard drive space isn't really a factor for me because I've got a brand new mini external. I found a model and it's more expensive than I really want to spend but I've kind of fallen in love with it -- and for its features, it really should be far more expensive than it is. Before I drop a pretty penny on it, I want to make sure it's going to be a good vidding computer. Hence the post.

I'll paste the specs under the cut and if anybody has any thoughts/advice that'd be great. Or if you know of a great vidding laptop you can direct me to that's under 800 bucks -- or even cheaper if one exists! The fact is, I have only made two real vids on my current computer (dry spell) so I'm a little hazy on the strain it puts on a machine.

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Also, is 5lbs considered light? Or is that pretty bulky? I am unsure and I know it's got a larger battery so I'm guessing that adds some weight.

ETA: The second part of my question, which I didn't include. Is it too much? (Particularly the RAM.)