January 17th, 2011

funny charlie eclipse close up FML

I'm having trouble w/masking in Sony Vegas... UPDATED!

I'm trying to learn how to do masking (for video manipulations)...

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Thank you.

edit ~ I think I know why the top video created a dark bar around the mask, because the video sizes are different (I have to change them both to widescreen), but I don't know why it STAYS different, or how to get the dark, unnecessary area from showing in the video...

edit ~ figured out the lagging crop too. I just need to fix the masking now...???
Farscape Ill Fate

Help with DVD Shrink/V-Dub Process for Clip Ripping

Hey there!

I'm sure I'm totally going about this in an "old school" way, but I've been using this process for YEARS and now suddenly it isn't working:

1.  I use DVD Shrink (  to create a VOB file from the DVD I'm ripping.  (I have been using the default settings of DVD Shrink to do this, and even tried messing around with other settings, like having no compression, but to no avail).

2.  Then I attempt to open the file in V-Dub (I have upgraded to the latest version 1.9.11), but it can't find the file.  It looks like it isn't there.  When I try to force V-Dub to take it by dropping the file directly on it, this is the error message that I get:  "MPEG Import Filter:  Invalid pack at position 3; marker bit not set; possibly MPEG-2 stream."

I'm using a new computer running Windows 7 on a 64-bit processor.  I appear to be able to use my process just fine on my laptop that is running the same way (or, at least, for my last vid I was).