September 18th, 2010

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Coverting Mac-made vids to PC formats and vice versa (sync issues)

Hi. I've been vidding for a few years now and a little while ago, I swapped over from PC to Mac.

I used to edit vids with Ulead Studio and the the best format output was wmv files. I converted some of these to avi using my "idiot proof" converting software McFunsoft Video Converter (which I've had for years and never updated).

But going over to Mac, I found something a bit weird. The timing on the converted files is okay when played on a PC, but seems to be just slightly out of sync on the Mac - which can really mess up the timing of fast paced vid. The output I used was DivX and other Divx files seem okay on both my MacBook Pro and the desktop PC that I still have.

Furthermore, I've now started vidding with Final Cut Express which outputs (best) as mov files. I tried to output as a DivX avi but then is screwed up my aspect ratio (changing 16:9 to 4:3) which I really don't want. And when I take the mov files over to the PC and convert them to DivX then the sound goes slightly out of sync again.

Is this a common problem? Or are there better converters out there that can handle the Mac-to-PC transition and vice versa? I'd kind of like to make my old wmv vids into a form I put on my Ipod too, but so far the sync issues mess that up.

If anyone has recommendations on the best way to tackle this problem, including which converter programs (preferably ones that have a version that run on a Mac) are best, I'd be very grateful. Thanks.