September 11th, 2010

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4 questions: Markers disappearing, Voice Overs, Plugins, and Media Saving

editI think some may have been confused by my phrasing, so I just wanted to fix it real fast.  The edited is in bold.

Marker help:
  I uploaded (imported) the media (episodes & movies I've downloaded and saved onto my Hard Drive), and even though I made a video and rendered it, I saved the project because I wanted to re-use those clips for different videos...  But when I started a new project, the media disappeared.  So I reopened the original product, and the media was there, but all the markers I made on the trimmer are gone.  Is there a way to get them back or am I screwed?

Voiceover help:  I would like to know how people pull voices from 1 video, and put them over the music, and on top of certain parts of a new video... I've searched YT and see tuts where they're just using other audio, but what if you wanted to pull a voice from 1 thing and add it to something else?

Plugin help:  I was wondering if there was a website where it can show both how, and where to DL free full plug-ins for Sony Vegas Pro 8?

Media Help:  Finally, is there a way to save your uploaded (imported) media when doing a new project?  Or do you have to re-upload it every time, and re-mark it, bc that would get annoying I'd think...

Just a head's up:  I also wanted to tell those who recc'd those Supernatural tutorials that they no longer are available.  They worked before but now it says "You are not authorized to read this forum." , so I did some research and apparently they're closing the site down...?

Thanks in advance.

(Sorry for all of the questions.  I promise I'm learning as fast as I can.)

video effects

Okay so there's two things I'm trying to figure out how to do from this video, and it's probably the most basic things ever, but I'm not getting it for some reason, lol.

First, I want to know how she gets a glow effect on her transitions that fades throughout the clip. i.e. 1:03-1:07

Second -and this one is probably the easiest - I want to know how her clips fade from color to black and white, then color again.

I use Vegas Pro 9 if that helps. Thanks for any help in advance