August 17th, 2010

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No audio or video in Sony Vegas Pro 9

Gah! I really, really need some help! I just got a new laptop and now that I am trying to set stuff up, including Vegas I can't get any of my vids to work! I have installed the DivX, Xvid, AC-3 and mpeg codecs but when I try to import a clip its saying that the stream attributes for both the video and the audio can't be found

I also noticed that unlike in Vegas 8 there was no check box for using Microsoft codecs or whatever it was :P I remember when I used to check that if I had a problem like this it would work fine.

here's a printscreen of what I mean:


Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Line intermittently cutting through image?

Hi there--I'm new to this community, and I could really do with some help! I am finishing up a vid that's been quite a cause of technical frustration, because I decided to use DV rather than avi, possibly... I've resolved most of the issues I was having, but am left with just one. When I play the vid in FCP, it looks fine. But when I export to either divx or to mov and then to mpeg4, it ends up with this intermittent white line bisecting the image. Anyone seen this before and know what it is? It's not the interlacing crosshatch--it's a long line that cuts right through the image, as if a razor had sliced it in two.

Any suggestions would be very, very welcome! Thanks!
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(4.5 ) Sony Vegas Pro 8 questions.

Yes, it's me, the newbie again. *blush*

I have a few questions:

1) How's come when I use "S" to split or trim a video down, it trims my song down too?  My song is getting chopped into pieces.  How do I get it back without having to hit re-do, which doesn't work bc then my video goes back too? (In WMM, all you had to do was highlight both clips and click "combine".)
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2) If I'm using footage from 2 different movies, the widescreen sizes are different. But I notice people making crossover videos all of the time and the videos look even.
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What can I do to fix this and make it match?

3) How do you use a video effects and transitions and repeat it for every single clip, without having to manually do one by one by one?

4) I'm following THIS tutorial that everyone recc'd for me, and I'm trying to do an automatic cross fade (which was selected before I even clicked it), but it's not working. :(  IDK what I'm doing wrong?
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and finally...
4.5) How in the hell did you learn how to do this on your own?! I'm so confused, still. :(

Avisynth + Sony Vegas 7

So, someone was telling me about the wonders of avisynth and I've been trying to get it to work on my system. One problem: I have Sony Vegas 7, not Adobe. I have installed a plug-in which is supposed to make avisynth work with Sony Vegas 7, but it was a lie and made my computer collapse on itself a bit.

The computer is fine now, but I simply cannot find any info about using avisynth and avisynth files and the like with Sony Vegas 7. I am I just not looking in the right places? I have read absolutedestiny's guide to avisynth; but that doesn't seem to have much on Sony Vegas. Help?
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Sony Vegas

Me again...although nothing to do with codecs this time (i hope!).  When i import a file of mine into Vegas Pro 9 it isn't showing up with a thumbnail like usual, but instead a thin grey bar --- and in the timeline the blocks where it should show thumbnails of what is going on is just a black block too. 

I've never had this happen before and was wondering if anyone has and wondered what it was they did to fix it - it's really annoying because when I have a ton of episodes loaded into the media tab its easier for me to find what I'm looking for, and also for when I am going through the episode to get clips.

Thanks in advance!