July 8th, 2010


Premiere crashes exporting

I am using many avs files with Premiere 6.5 (never a good idea...) on a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Windows XP, a 100 GB harddrive (12 GB free) and 2 GB RAM. Intel Core 2 CPU T7200 2.00 GHz.

When exporting, I get the “memory could not be ‘read’” error. It always crashes somewhere between frames 1428 and 1515. (I also got this error constantly when working on the timeline but always managed to work around it by restarting from archived project files).

I have SetMemoryMax(16) at the top of all my scripts. I've tried restarting and exporting with no other programs or windows open, turning virtual memory up to 4 GB, turning on the “optimize stills” option, deleting archived projects and preview files I didn't need, turning off the view thumbnails and wavelengths in the timeline options, and deleting unneeded mattes and clips.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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