July 5th, 2010


(no subject)

Right, so, recently I've gotten Sony Vegas Pro 9 (because Vista doesn't like 7, and 8 throws fits). Generally speaking, it worked just fine for me. It didn't like xvid and such, and if my HD space dropped below 10gbs or so, it'd get painfully slow, but I could deal with that.

Then recently there was an update that supposedly made it 'better' and fixed errors. It introduced my nemesis. Audio proxies. Since then, the program has been extremely slow, freezing up all the time, and will 90% of the time fail to make an audio proxy (supposedly meant to make it go faster) and then start freezing up even more. (Not to mention it kills the peaks of whatever it failed to convert)

My question here is...what is wrong with it? Can I just...stop it from trying to make the bloody proxies? Did the update make it 'better' so it requires more RAM or HD or something that it didn't say so now it's too good for my computer? Can I regress it back to its previous version, if so?

I seriously need help with this, because I literally cannot make videos with it messing up this badly...and I've been stuck without being able to make videos for months now. I do not like this.