May 8th, 2010

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Unsafe for seizure disorders? HELP.

Okay, so I've made my vid, passed it through numerous betas and they never noticed this. I SWEAR I did my due dilligence. But when it came time to submit it to a vid show I was told that by the vid programmer that my vid was  "potentially risky to people with seizure disorders". Oops! If true, not my intention!

I don't want to give people seizures. The only program I could turn up on google that tests for that is for television networks and costs thousands of dollars. Obviously, there must be a way for laypeople to figure this out. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can tell when a video is actually dangerous?

ETA: FALSE ALARM! It was an encode issue. But I'm still really interested in knowing the answer to this question for future reference. It never occurred to me that this might be an issue with vids, but now that I've realized that it is, I want to be responsible about it.
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Audio in Sony Vegas Pro 8

I know that this can be done because I saw a screenshot of someone who did it...I'm just now sure how :P  Using AutoGK after ripping my DVDs to use for making videos, how will I be able to use the 5.1 surround sound so that I have 6 audio tracks when importing into Sony Vegas.  But I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this myself.

Any and all help would be appreciated :D