February 24th, 2010


Resizing DV AVI and issues with VDubMod

So, I've just made my first vid in almost 3 years \o/

However it's sadly 516MB and VirtualDubMod is refusing to work for me so I can't resize it.

VBD worked fine all through the process with extracting clips. Then I went to install AMV App as per the post I used to reference back when I used to vid things and VDB suddenly decided it wasn't going to let me encode the audio at anything higher than 56kbits but I thought, oh well, it's a common error. So I closed VDB and... it never opened again. Instead I get this error:

Collapse )

I've tried deleting all the files, downloading different versions, all kinds of things, nothing works. I keep getting that error and VBD is not firing up.

So, help please! I'd like to at least be able to resize my avi file (DV AVI, made in Premiere) so that I can post the vid somewhere. I've googled around but can't find any solutions.