December 22nd, 2009


DVD Ripping Help!

Okay, I've been ripping all my Smallville dvd sets onto my computer, but I've run across a problem with the 5th disc of the 5th season. Basically, it won't rip. Sure, it'll play on my computer, and my dvd player, but I can't rip it, no matter what the program. A little help please?

Edit: Problem solved. Thank you, everyone, and Happy Holidays!
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Best render settings for action?

I posted my first vid a couple of days ago (ETA: White Collar, contains footage/spoilers up to 1.07), and ever since I've been obsessively trying to tweak the settings to get a better quality AVI of it. The source is so much nicer than my initial render.

Through trial and error, I've found that if I set Field order to "None (progressive scan)", the quality improves out of sight -- hardly any pixellation, etc. The files are huge, but astolat's method for making them smaller works miracles.

The only problem is that, while it makes the backgrounds and less actiony shots crisp and beautiful, the movement gets a little hard to focus on. Is this a trade-off I have to live with, or should I be trying to find a better setting? Much as I like going, "Look, you can see the paint flaking on that building! You can read all the street signs! So crisp and clear!" that's not really the point of the vid. ;-)

I've turned on "Reduce interlace flicker" for all clips (I did that a while ago, and I'm no longer sure how much difference it made -- should've kept notes). And I've tried "Interleave every frame" vs Interleaving every 0.033 or 0.066 seconds, but that doesn't make an appreciable difference to my eye. But then, I'm new to all this -- my eye isn't very well trained yet.

Any ideas? Am I just expecting too much?

I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 (free trial, but I'm going to buy it, because vidding is awesome).