November 14th, 2009

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Sony Vegas projects and Windows 7

Hello, vidding_tech! Hoping you wonderful folks can offer me some assistance. I finally got around to acquiring some Windows 7 upgrade discs, and was all set to upgrade when I remembered that I have a few halfway-complete projects in Sony Vegas 8. My question, then, is whether or not an upgrade to Windows 7 will in any way affect these projects (such as, for example, losing pathways between video files and the program/project/timeline).

Any help is greatly appreciated! I'd really like to upgrade my OS, but I don't know when these projects will be complete.

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Sony Vegas Tutorial #1

O.K, so this is my first ever tutorial on Sony Vegas and I will be going over the basics on how to use it. If I don’t cover something you would like to know just leave a comment asking and if I know how to do it I’ll do a tutorial on that for you too. So first off the version of Sony Vegas that I use is Sony Vegas Professional, 8.0. So some things may be different if you have a different version, but hopefully you’ll still be able to follow.