October 19th, 2009


How do I get vids off of old DVD collections?

When I rip a newer DVD collection, like Vividcon 2009, it rips into 25 or 30 tidy little .vob file, one for each video.

When I rip an older DVD collection, like Vividcon 2005, it rips into 2 or three huge .vob files. Now of course I can use virtualdubmod to cut each vid apart...but the audio gets out of sync.

Is there some other way to cut vids out of these huge .vob files?

How to clip h 264 source?


I'm trying to clip some source in avc h264 format. I tried my trusty old DGIndex-VirtualDub method, but DGIndex seems to think its a black, blank file, and I managed to crash VirtualDub trying to open it. Avidemux can open the files, but it's a very very cumbersome tool for vidding.

Any suggestions?

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