October 18th, 2009

what's the problem with .avis?

I've recently gotten my hands on Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0, and while that's great - I can't seem to import .avi files correctly. They show up in the project media, but when it comes to the trimmer, or even viewing the file in the project media section itself? Forget about it.

I know there's not a problem with the way I'm importing the files, so the question is - What's going on? And could somebody be a total doll and help a newbie out? ♥
Buffy jacks it


I just got a Mac, and the function of iMovie looks like it's going to be easy for me to adapt to, but all of my vids are in avi (because I was using MovieMaker). Does anyone know the best thing to transfer my files into an appropriate format?