October 3rd, 2009

NT - Intelligence Riley

Sony Vegas 7 glitch on render

Does anybody have the problem that when they render (as a wmv) windows media player seems to think the file is really short?

For instance my last vid was 4 minutes long, but WMP would only recognise the first 1:20 and then, while it would keep playing past that point, you couldn't skip to anywhere past that point or whatever.

Last time I ended up re-rendering in WMM, but then it lost a lot of the clip quality and it squishes the aspect ratio, so it's not the best option.

Now Vegas is doing the same thing with my latest vid. When I play it WMP says it is only 6 seconds long and it's about a minute all up. It obviously has rendered as it will play all the way through if you leave it to run. It also plays find in Divx player and it comes up as the proper 56 seconds in length.

Any thoughts?