September 29th, 2009

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An Exception has occurred

I am having a lot of trouble with my trial version of Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9. So far I have created two different projects, and each has come up with several issues.

1a.) An Exception has occurred: One of the main problems I keep getting is an error message. It use to come up sporadically when trying to open this file, but would then suddenly start working again when I switched computers, or waited a week. But now it comes up every time I try and open Project 1. The file will load, and then start to load the media. It is at this point I will get the error message: "An Exception has occurred." When I look at the details, I get an enormous data dump, like so:

Collapse )

When I open older versions of this file, ones that do not give me this error message, it will simply not bother to load any but the first few media files, and the song. Trying to hit play or move the cursor to a later section results in the program freezing, and eventually I am forced to shut it down. Occasionally the Exception error will pop up as well.

1b.) Unreadable files: I will frequently get the same error message as listed above, when trying to open certain source material (not the source material for Project 1 or Project 2) into the trimmer. I don't know why, and I don't know why it only happens with these files. All were ripped with the same ripper.

2a.) Shaky playback: So I've been working on Project 2, having given up on Project 1 for the moment, and am using a different source material. While the preview for Project 1 had absolutely no problems, Project 2 ends up with shaky transitions (see below) and constant skipping. Both were ripped using the same program, so I am assuming that is not the issue. The skipping is not consistent either. Sometimes the clips are moderately alright, and other times they are almost unwatchable. Transitions are always bad, and any time the beginning or end of the clip is (in its original untrimmed file) within five frames of a different shot, there will be stray frames that randomly appear in the preview, and yet never show up on the timeline, even when examined on a frame by frame basis. After examining the file closely, the stray frames will vanish in the preview, only to reappear when I open the file later, or when I render the project.

2b.) Bad transitions: One of the other things I'm having a lot of trouble with is bad transitions. It's not just in the playback, it's in the full render as well (the project isn't complete, but I wanted to see what my current progress would look like). The two clips seem to flash back and forth, rather than one fading out as the other fades in. This happens with every transition, no matter how long or short.

I'm trying to get some help regarding Problem 1 from Sony, but in the last week no one I've talked to has any explanation, so I'm throwing out here too, in case anyone has any ideas. Has anyone else run into this error before? And I'm genuinely lost on Problem 2. I'm sure there's some way to fix it, but I don't know what it is.

Basically, HELP ME. ...Please?