September 16th, 2009


Free Editing Software - less than 24hrs left

"What kind of Spam is this?" Is the first thing I would think from reading my title but actually this may be a good deal. I have an ambivalent relationship with the site Giveaway of the Day. offers free software every 24 hours to help promote software companies willing to give away software from one of its catalog of software. I like using the site in a way that's not intended. Their software offerings are dubious at times but the free speech allowed in the comments is refreshing. You'll often find comments by experienced users offering alternative free/open source software that does the same thing and sometimes better than what is being offered. The site also has a quick at a glance thumbs up/down percentage view that tells you how people feel about the new offering.

However, every once in a while they do have some really good stuff and I believe today might be one of those days. You will have 24hrs to download and install their latest offering but I strongly recommend browsing through the comments to see if this is right for you. This is what they are offering ...(after the cut)

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