August 28th, 2009

House M.D. - FAIL

No sound in videos?

Hi there! First post here. I'm new to this whole vidding thing, and I seem to have run into an issue. I searched the troubleshooting but didn't see anything that helped me. I'm using Sony Vegas 9 and trying to make a fanvid that consists of several scenes with a song playing over them. I do not want any of the clip's actual sounds to be heard, so I deleted those.

I seem to have gotten everything to work fine and dandy while previewing in Vegas, but no matter what format or option I use to save the full video, I ONLY get picture and no sound. If I select a small section of the project and render that, it works fine with picture AND sound. I have got to be missing something somewhere!

I can't post a screencap at the moment, but basically my workspace just has the video clips in the top bar and the sound file in the second bar and that's it. Does anyone have any ideas?

ETA: Changing the audio file to .wav worked perfectly. Thanks everyone!