August 17th, 2009


Sony Vegas 9 crashes when loading projects

Newbie says hello :)

... and comes along with a problem ^^

After using Magix Video Deluxe for years, I've started working with Sony Vegas 9.0 Platinum a few days ago. I tried several things, effects and stuff and have five projects; one finished, one in progress, three only at the very beginning.
Now I have a big problem: when I try loading the finished one and the one WIP the program always crashes, means it simply stops loading at a certain point (34% in the one, 73% in the other project). I can't cancel the loading, I have to close the program via the task manager.
I've tried opening the projects on different ways, but with the same result.

Does anyone know the problem and has an idea what I could do? I really like the program, but it isn't exactly helpful that I can't shut down the program and my PC while working on one project...

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