July 22nd, 2009


Refusal to Respond

I haven't actually seen anyone else have this same problem yet, so I'm a little worried.

I haven't been able to access Sony Vegas 7 for quite some time. I can get onto WMM but just barely. If I do too much then that shuts down as well. As soon as Vegas begins to open it immediately stops responding. I've already uninstalled then reinstalled it. Can anyone help?
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(no subject)

Ok. So I'm still shopping for a video program. I was strongly looking at Sony Vegas (studio) Platinum Pro, but I heard some discouraging news, it doesn't work with Vista 64 bit.

These reviews are from like Fall of '08 and I'm wondering if anyone has that program and Vista 64, does it work? I know I have enough specs to run this program...but what have you heard - etc.

Also because I have Vista 64, what might work? I want to stay away from pro because its really expensive and I'd rather shove 600+ dollars in my arm for my sleeves instead of my computer.