July 16th, 2009

Good Streaming Host?

Since YouTube rejects all music owned by Warner Bros., I'm looking for a back-up streaming host that maintains the original aspect ratio of the files I upload, and streams smoothly, in high resolution.

Currently, I'm using Vimeo & 4Shared.  Both are jerky, squeeze my aspect setting, and play in lower resolution than my original files.  Blech!

The aspect squeezing is particularly noticeable for my latest vid "The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes", starring David Tennant as Doctor Who:  http://www.vimeo.com/5628737  ... because, seriously, that boy's so skinny to begin with, if you squeeze his image even marginally along the horizontal axis, he disappears completely.

I see Imeem is dead, but I'm not exactly mourning it either, as it never streamed my vids smoothly and even mangled my audio too.

Is there any other free hosting site that compares in aspect fidelity, streaming resolution & speed to YouTube?

Suggestions appreciated!
Thanks, Pyrate Anny
Kitty Bounce
  • xfleur


Just started using Vegas and it's hard to get used to but loving it. ♥

So my question is on overlaying. Obviously you can just drag another video or image to overlay another, right?

Well I was wondering if there's a way to achieve an effect, for example, to overlay something like rain with a black background on a video and have the black become transparent so only the rain shows on the video?

In other words, kind of like a "Screen" effect in photoshop, where only the light parts show?