June 16th, 2009

Safe Download Host? (Avoid FileFront)

Hi, all!

I'm looking for a safe, free, permanent hosting site for downloadable vid files. (My files average about 50 meg in size.)

I had been using FileFront, which was originally suggested to me by the Kawoosh forum for Stargate vidders.  But that website has recently started using spyware to discover its users' Facebook accounts.  I use my real name and main e-mail address on Facebook, but I used my vidding alias and gmail account to sign up for FileFront.

Anyhow, without asking my permission, FileFront used some sort of software to detect and track my activity on Facebook and put a link between my FileFront page and my Facebook profile.  They also put my Facebook profile picture directly on the FileFront page, and if you run your cursor over it, it tells you my real name!   Evil bastards!

I went through FileFront's instructions for how to remove the link.  They said it may take "a few minutes" for the link to be removed from the FileFront page after disabling.  However, that was several hours ago, and the link is still there.

Anyway, I just thought other vidders should know about this privacy violation at FileFront.  It's no longer a safe place to host vids if vidders want to retain their anonymity!

So, any suggestions forsafe, free, permanent host sites where I can upload downloadable versions of my vids?  In the meantime, I'm offering streamed versions only.

Cheers, Pyrate Anny