June 14th, 2009

  • catyah

The file is too big when I'm done rendering my vid.

My subject line sort of says it all...  I've made about 7 or 8 vids over the last year, so I don't think I'm really a newbie, but I haven't come across this problem before.

I finished making another Riptide songvid last night ("Up, Up and Away"), and after I rendered it (I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0, by the way), I tried to use YouSendIt to send it to some friends.  But YouSendIt *wouldn't* send it.  At least not until I upgraded to a paid account -- because it said the file is too big.  I'd never had that issue with one of my vids before, so I looked at the rendered vid.  It's 2.89 GB! 

All my other vids have only been 20 MB or so, and the strange part is that this vid is actually the shortest of all my previous vids. 

One thing that I noticed each time I rendered it (I've deleted the rendered version and redone it several times, hoping that it would work this time, but no such luck) is that the "Approximate Time Left" always had 10 seconds or so left when it was done.  I don't think it's freezing up, since it says 100% completed. 

Also, when the "Approximate Time Left" is ticking by, and the vid is nearly done, it shows that there's still a couple of minutes left on the render.  And then the time goes down really fast to 10 (or so) seconds left and stops. 

I checked out the Sony Help site, and found one bit of advice for when the .avi file is too large.  That person suggested that you change the Template from "Default Template (Uncompressed)" to one of the others.  I chose "NTSC DV", and at first I thought that worked.  There was no time left on the "Approximate Time Left". 

It rendered, and the file was smaller.  Just not small enough for YouSendIt.  That file was 538MB. 

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you!