June 1st, 2009

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Newbie(ish) seeking urgent help re: aspect ratio & cropping.

Right, so I've delved through memories, webpages attempted to understand calculator tools, all to no avail, so I'm hoping that somebody here might be able to help me out.

I'd like to make a vid using different avi sources (fandom being Star Trek).

The majority of the footage (TOS series) would be from avi files with a resolution of 512x384, which as I understand it, just means it's an unusual resolution, but still an AR of 4/3, right?

The problem arises from both of the film avi files I have being of what I assume to be... odd aspect ratios. (Resolutions being 720x304 and 704x304 respectively. In my very, very basic understanding of ARs, I'd assume that means their ARs are 2.37:1 and 2.31:1 respectively, but I suspect I'm missing a whole new level of complexity here.)

Obviously, I can't just chuck'em in like that - or resize them, as I want to maintain the proper AR of the film files, just crop them to make them fit the series resolution.

I do my vidding (well, the 2 vids I made years ago) in WMM, and would like to stick to this, if at all possible. (Computer system not being the best and I suspect it wouldn't cope with high-memory requiring programs, and neither would I!)

I have a copy of Total Video Converter, however, which appears to include functions for not only resizing, but also cropping vid files.

And I cannot for the life of me figure out how to go about the cropping. Do cropping numbers in such programs correspond directly to pixels? (Ie, would I just have to, in simple terms, deduct the amount of pixels from each side to reach the equivalent ratio of the main source of clips manually? Also, given that the height ratio of the film files is less than that of the series files, would I first need to resize the film clips and then crop top and bottom accordingly?

Or is there, by any chance, some neat simple program out there that can simply give me the values required for cropping if provided with the respective source and target resolutions (widthxheight)?

If anybody could shed any light on this, it would be hugely, hugely appreciated, because this differing aspect ratio thing is seriously doing my head in. *makes puppy eyes and offers intarwebs brownies*

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