February 16th, 2009

shar2copy by Preetybird

Image Masking Problem

So I'm doing this masking trick in Vegas v6. Take a still image from the video clip using the preview window. Change the settings to best(full) and bam, instant still image. My problem is that when I save it, there is a teeny, tiny black box around the image. Or perhaps just on the top and bottom.

I thought I could just go in and crop it in photoshop but it's proving difficult as the box and/or lines are really just that small. I wouldn't have even noticed it until I could see the transition lines running on the top and bottom sides of the video. So it's not so much that black lines have appeared, as it is that, that part of the image isn't there anymore.

The video clip is 852 x 480 and the still image is 852 x 480. And my project settings are 852 x 480 with a square 1.000 pixel aspect ratio. So where are these lines coming from or where did the image go and what did I do wrong?

Thanks in advance.

ETA: So in Photoshop I changed the still to 854 x 481 and presto the 'lines' went away. Not sure how it'll look when in the finished vid though. It doesn't seem to make the image 'jump' so I'm not sure what the hell this is all about. If anyone has the answer please let me know. Even though I think I've got the fix, I'd still like to know the why of it all.

Adobe Premiere Elements problem...

Okay, I just downloaded a free trial of Adobe Premiere Elements 7. However, I can't get past the part where it asks me if I want t continue on with the trial, or give a serial number. Every time I click "next" it freezes up and shuts down. What do I do? Help! D: