February 12th, 2009

xm | charles mcavoy

ulead questions


i'm using ulead videostudio (version 10+), & i like it because it's really simple to use. but there are some things i could never figure out how to do... i don' t know if they're impossible or if i just don't get it -

• i know i can zoom in on titles, fade out, etc - but is there a way to 'animate' the titles? by that i mean make them appear like handwriting, for example - line after line.

• is there a way to turn an image/clip around? i know you can stretch or zoom or crop it, but i mean if it's possible to make the video turn/stretch slowly, over the length of a clip. i always wanted to do that & never found a way...

i know there probably aren't too many people using ulead vs, but any help would be really appreaciated, ♥