February 5th, 2009

Saving file in WMM for upload to YouTube in high res?

Ugh!  I uploaded a 50 meg file to YouTube that I'd saved in 16:9 format using WMM.  The source material is in letterbox format, with black bars top & bottom, because the original theatrical ratio was significantly wider than 16:9.  When I uploaded to YouTube, black bars were added on the sides of the frame, thus 'squeezing' the image.  And the video was not made available for watching "in high quality" either. 

My original 50 meg file looks nice and crisp and clear and maintains the proper aspect ratio; however, the vid looks like crap now that YouTube's muddled it up:


Any ideas what I can do to get this file to look decent on YouTube?

Oh, and BTW, here's the 50 meg download version from Filefront, so you can see the file I'm working with:

Midnight Feast (Stuart Townsend as Lestat)

I'll appreciate any help you can offer.

Pyrate Anny