February 4th, 2009

alternative site?

Hi! Question here!

I usualy upload my fanvids to youtube, but as everyone knows they just love to remove my videos or mute them, anyway, i used imeem as an alternative site to upload my videos once youtube mess with them, but now i got this message from imeem when i wanted to upload another vid and it says:

"There are too many video files uploaded to your profile. Maximum number allowed is 24. Or Upgrade to a VIP account."

I don't have the money to upgrade, and i don't wanna make another account and end up with thousand of accounts.

Is there another site to upload fanvids besides imeem or youtube? I know vimeo has this campaign against fanvids and remove each and everyone of them, and with megavideo you can only watch 70 minutes and they you have to way until eternity to be able to watch again.

Any suggestions?