January 1st, 2009

[Hong Gil Dong] The Legend

Windows Movie Maker. . . and that green bar/flash

Hi all and Happy New Year.

I'm having a bit of a problem with windows movie maker on my vista laptop. When I try to make a vid - I sometimes get a green flash between clips or a small green bar on the most right hand side of a clip. I save in wmv and have found the problem isn't there when I save to avi. However, the avi file is usually huge. I can save as avi and then convert to wmv - but the clearness of the clip goes down quite a bit. Some have suggested I get rid of XiVd and mp4 in my windows movie maker, but I cannot even find that on my laptop. Any help out there? I have thought it could be the clips or songs I use, but I honestly don't want to downgrade in terms of quilty.
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Ulead questions

Hi! I have Ulead Video Studio 11. I have two problems.

First I want to overlay the titles for the vid title. When I click on the overlay manager I have no idea how to add another title track. Is that possible?

In the interim -

I've done a regular title and put it on the title line of the timeline. I don't want to start any clips till after the title. When I drag the clip to the video line and point I want it to start (after the title) - it goes back to the beginning of the project. How do I fix it?

I'm making this vid as a gift and really want it to look nice.
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