December 6th, 2008

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Yet another WMM issue...

I have always used WMM to make vids and have had a variety of problems with freezing and stuttering and the program eventually ceasing to be able to save a clean video. I had hoped that when I got my new computer, I'd also be getting a fresh start with WMM.

I didn't take into account that I was switching to Windows Vista.

So here I am on Vista (64-bit version), trying to import all my avis into WMM (all of which imported fine into WMM on XP). The program sees them and will allow me to import them, but when it does, it only imports the audio. It never attempts to make clips, if I right-click, the "make clips" option is greyed out, and when I double click to make the file play in the preview window, only the audio plays.

I have tried installing and reinstalling the divx codec plus a variety of codec packs, including the CCCP and the MajorGeeks Vista codec pack. I've tried googling my problem and have only found links to the codec packs I've already tried installing. Nothing has helped!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions for (a) a way to convert my avis to a format like mpeg or wmv that WMM would (hopefully) not have this problem reading or (b) getting started type tutorials for either Sony Vegas 9 or Adobe Premiere Pro CS3? I've tried both programs and without instructions have been unable to figure out the basics. If I can't get WMM to work, I don't want to stop vidding! And heck, if I can figure out one of the better programs I could leave WMM and all its problems behind, lol.
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