October 18th, 2008

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Windows Movie Maker Issue

I'm having an issue with saving. When I try and save, it stops at about 30%, the program freezes and then shuts itself off. However, I can save some clips, just not certain ones. It's very odd, because I used these media clips just this morning and last night. I have done nothing to the computer; just reloaded the clips. So, what's the issue?

By the way, I am on Windows Vista.

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I got Ulead Video Studio 11 a couple months ago and the thing is just so. Damned. Slow. At times it takes up to 20 seconds to react. I've ran a 30-day trial for Sony Vegas before and it didn't have the same problem. Does it have something to do with my computer compatibility?

Before I bought it I asked for opinions in vidding and a lot of people suggested I use it for beginner/medium level, so I'm kinda doubting that everyone has that problem?

I use Windows Vista with 2GB RAM. Any suggestions would be wonderful.