September 28th, 2008

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Sony Vegas version and buying question


I've a question about which version of Vegas is the 'best.' I'm currently using Vegas Movie Studio 6 Platinum. For a long time I've been thinking of upgrading. Someone (can't remember where) recently posted a link to Sony Vegas Pro 8 OEM for $125 which is a good deal. However, I think I remember hearing that Sony Vegas 6 is really much better than Pro 8.

I looked through all the Sony Vegas tags in this comm and found one comment backing this up, that 6 is much better than Pro 8. So I'm asking for more opinions if this is true, that I should go with 6?

I'm also wondering where I can find a reputable place to buy a version of 6? Perhaps I'm being overly paranoid but is it ok to buy it off of ebay with no real guarantee the original owner uninstalled it from their machine?

(edit: I forgot to tag and when I tried to edit and add a tag, it wouldn't let me?)