September 2nd, 2008


Adobe Premiere effect

I was forwarded through someone who said that you guys could help me.
I'm trying to find a effect for a flashback/dream sequences in my video. After seeing a few videos with that kind of effect, I wanted to know how they do it (instead of using the standard b/w effect).

I've played around a bit with RGB/blur and different image effects, but haven't gotten the result I wanted, so if anyone is sitting on how they portray a flashback/dream sequence in a video - care to share? ^^


Alternative to WMM?

Hey, me again. I was wondering if anyone knew any good, preferably free or really cheap, alternatives to Windows Movie Maker. WMM is getting way too hard for me to use. I encountered a new glitch with it today, and it constantly freezes. I don't want anything fancy because I probably won't be able to figure it out, and I can't get anything really expensive either. (I'm only thirteen years old.) It needs to be something that's ideal for making AMV's. I already tried VirtualDub and AVIedit, and both of those either didn't work properly or I'm too stupid to use them; however I'm willing to give either of them another go if anybody can help me figure out how to use it. I also tried VideoSpin and simply installing it froze my computer twice, so I'm not even going to bother with that.

Please help; I really want to make videos again. =)

Edit: Thanks for the advice, guys. I'm going to be getting Ulead Video Studio off of Amazon.Com next week when my mother has enough money. =) (I have to buy it instead of the trial because I downloaded the trial months ago and deleted it when I couldn't figure it out in three seconds. -_-;;; What a stupid thing to do... Oh well.) Anyway, thanks!  Not getting it after all. =/
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Fun with Vegas

Hey guys.

I've been vidding in Vegas for a good long while now, but only recently did I finally decide to ask you lot about something.

Since day 1 I've always had a stuttery preview window. It never allows me to view any of my edits smoothly, it always jitters and I only sort of get the big picture (the way I actually get anything done is by constantly exporting bits of it out as I edit to see if it works). But on all the YouTube tutorials (and I assume on any normal person's Vegas) the preview window works fine and dandy! Smooth as a baby's arse. there any way I can have a smooth baby arse, too?

I use Vegas 7 btw. And I was thinking it has something to do with settings or RAM or something like that. Any ideas?