August 22nd, 2008

DW: Rose/Nine (<3)

Editing program for Ubuntu 8.04?

Hey there, my name's Evie, and I'm a vidder.

"Hi, Evie."

...Right. Not very prolific, I only have two completed (but many more scrapped), but I recently transitioned from Windows XP (where I was using WMM, which was rather horrific an experience - it crashed after almost every change, making my two vids quite the accomplishment) to Ubuntu 8.04.

I was hoping there were some Linux/Ubuntu vidders on this comm who could reccommend a free program I could use for vidding - I'm willing to learn a more complicated program, but I honestly don't know what I'm looking for in searches, and keep coming up with things that don't seem to lend themselves to anything other than pasting home movie clips together in a mish-mash fashion. Any suggestions?

(As some near-totally unnecessary information, I've done two Doctor Who vids, am planning another couple DW vids, a Sarah Jane Adventures vid, a Supernatural vid, a West Wing vid, and a rather epic Buffy vid if I ever get that external hard drive to hold all the episodes I'll need. And I know I will think of more.)

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