August 8th, 2008

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Another AVI + Vegas post

Okay, I've Googled this and searched YT for tutorials, and checked here, but I've yet to find anything that works. I know lots of people have this problem so I'm hoping some one here can help.

When I try to open an AVI file in Sony Vegas 7, all I get is the audio track, not the video. It's the same for episodes that I've downloaded, and for videos that I've ripped from my DVDs [using DVD Shrink]. I've tried to change the codec thing with a program called avic - didn't work. I tried deleting the Xvid codec, didn't work. I tried downloading some random codecs that people suggested and it didn't work.

I know some people just open them in WMM and resave, which I used to do, but it takes too long and lowers the quality. So, anyone have any other suggestions?