June 13th, 2008

The Jabberwocky

DVDs Burned from Window Movie Maker

Hi, I've got a problem, and I'm not a techie in any way.  I used my Windows Movie Maker to make a 12 minute slide show, with music.  I then burned 6 DVD copies from the slide show.  Here's my problem: the DVDS don't play on every DVD player.  They seem to work on new DVD players, but not players that are a few years old.  Does that make sense? Also, I can burn DVD+R and DVD-R from my computer.  Would either of those work better on players?  I've got to show this slide show at a graduation ceremony next week and they are going to load it on a computer.  Is it going to work? 
Sorry for all the questions.

WMM. Halp please? D':

Hello there, I'm a total noob to this whole video making thing. I opened my WMM for the first time last night, and failed miserably. You see, I'm a photoshop person; not a video maker person. But i'd really like to learn how to make them. My goal is to put random sound clips to certain video clips to make a cracktastic video.. I'm just wondering if any of you would know of any simple noob-friendly tutorials that might help.

Plus, I'm guessing it's near impossible to put any file from iTunes into the WMM.. And the only video files that work are .avi? What kind of music files do I need?

Sorry, for all the dumb questions.. ^^;
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