May 28th, 2008

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WMM and Collections

One of the few things I like about WMM is that I can store clips in Collections and not have to go outside the program to work through the episodes to find clips I need. However, WMM is so limited otherwise I'd like to find another program that offers that same concept with a lot options in other parts of the program (effects, etc.) I'd really appreciate any suggestions on programs that can do this. I like being able to save my episodes for easy access and not have to review the episode every single time I need to make clips.

Baring that, how do others cut clips without having to go through the entire episode every time you need a bit of this and that. Or is that inevitable?

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Alright, so

I opened up my ghetto Windows Movie Maker tonight and was met with the above problem. Its happening to most all my imported video files, all of which are .avi format. Now, its not really a huge deal because when the video projects are published there's nothing wrong with the clips. But it is incredibly annoying while making the videos.

I'm wondering if its a codec problem and can be fixed with nothing more than an update of divx. But just incase I'm wrong - anyone have any idea what's going on here?

Many thanks!