May 22nd, 2008


Sony Vegas: Weird pixelization (?)

I've been wanting to re-render a previous video to make a higher resolution export. Everything seemed fine until I made the new render and realised some images looked like this :

Collapse )

I thought it was the encoding during render that was wrong but when I played the original files in the trimmer, It's the same. I know it wasn't like that before when I made my initial render so I know it's not the divx files that are corrupted (they also play fine in a player). I suppose there's some codec problem that mess with encoding/decoding in vegas ? or is it my project properties ? I don't remember making any significant changes from the time I made the initial render to now. but i may have added a new codec or something. I've been trying several things but the result is still the same.

At this point, I would really welcome any kind of clue. If anyone has an idea of where this comes from, I would be really grateful.
I hope it was explained clear enough.
Thanks in advance.

ETA: Fixed ! I installed a newer version of DivX and it solved the problem. YAY. Thanks for your help ! :)