May 15th, 2008

NT - Intelligence Riley

Still frame question in Sony Vegas

I use Sony Vegas 7, but I'm assuming this sort of thing is the same across all Vegas versions.

I know you can make a still frame by clicking the little button above the preview screen and it'll take a screencap that you can then put back into the vid. However, I find I have problems with this. These are:

1) I use widescreen aspect ratio clips (black bars top and bottom) and when the program takes a screencap, it seems to include those black bars. When I then put the screencap back into the program I have to reset the aspect ratio on the screencap to exclude those black bars. When I do that, the clip gets zoomed in ever so slightly, thus creating a sort of "jump," in the finished video (because of the size change), rather than a smooth transition into the still frame.
(Not sure if that makes sense... hopefully it does.)

2) The second problem I have is that the stillframe isn't as good a quality as the video clip it came from.

Can anyone help me to fix these problems I'm having?
Or is there a better way of making a stillframe in Vegas (or even utilising another program like Photoshop)?

Any help greatly appreciated.