May 5th, 2008

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Pan/Crop Widescreen Format

Hey here im again lol...with another question..
I ripped my HP movies in widescreen format to make a when i use the pan/crop tool the video looks at the whole screen..and i dont like that...i think its better that the whole vid looks in the widescreen format and dont just some could some one please tell me how can i solve this problem??
Hope i explained myself ok 
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hey guys, first post here, and I come bearing a question.

I shoot videos on my camera, and when I load them onto my computer the information says something like a 50 second long video is 95MB's, when the content of the video is probably only 1.5 MBs. My question is, is there a (FREE) downloadable program that I can use to compress the file in some way so it's not so large? Or if there's another method could someone let me in on it?

Thanks for any and all help!